DDB Oslo: The Snapchat Pitch

January 23, 2014Filed under Promo, Online and Agency Self-Promo

Based on the insight that great ideas can be pitched in a sentence, DDB Oslo has launched a creative student contest on the social media platform Snapchat. In other words; The students are forced to present their creative idea in a maximum of 10 seconds.

The Creative Directors of DDB Oslo, Finn Knudsen and Eirik Sørensen explain:

There is nothing more beautiful than an idea so pure, simple and powerful that it can be explained in a sentence. So when looking for young creative talent to join us here at the agency, we figured Snapchat would be the perfect medium to find them. There is a lot of good talent and many good ideas out there, but if you manage to pitch your idea in less than 10 seconds, you’re probably one of the best.

The Creative Department at DDB will watch every single pitch. And if your idea is truly great, DDB will fly you to Oslo for an interview. The winner will be announced on April 3rd.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director:Finn Knudsen, Eirik Sørensen
Art Director:Finn Knudsen, Eirik Sørensen, Even Moseng
Copywriter:Petter Gulli
Illustration:Sondre Hårstad
Design:Sondre Hårstad
Web Designer:Torstein Raabye Haugen
Agency Producer:Cyril Boije
Animation & Editing:Per Øyvind Weum, Andreas Rustad
Project Manager:Venke Lund, Carina Llado
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