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January 24, 2014Filed under Promo, Direct Marketing, PR and Public Interest, NGO

Brazilian agency campaign promotes pollution warning Every day, there are around seven million cars driving around the streets of São Paulo. Pollution generated by these vehicles is the cause of death of over 4.5 thousand people in the city, yearly. That is almost three times the number of victims of traffic accidents, for example. Cars are responsible for over 90% of the air pollution in São Paulo. In order to help people visualise this invisible menace, Agência TUDO used regular party balloons, and a special adapter, to create the "3 Segundos" project. The initiative measures the quantity of harmful gas that is expelled by vehicle exhaust pipes and provides a clear visual representation of the size of the problem faced by big cities daily. A mere 3 seconds with the engine running produces enough pollution to fill up a balloon. 15 minutes will fill up 300 balloons. A running car will, in one hour, produce enough pollution to fill up 1200 balloons. With this powerful visual representation, the project's aim was to reveal the true size of the previously ignored problem to drivers and passengers in São Paulo.

Advertising Agency:Tudo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Rodolfo Barreto
Copywriter:Bruno Dias
Art Director:Felipe Diefenbach
Rtvc:Cicy Freitas, Jader Gudin, Karine Invenção
Workflow coordination:Andrea Motta
Account Executive:André Cavalini
Planner:Cleber Paradela
Pr Planner:Kassìa Cáricol & Renato Pezzotti
Production Director:Iron Neto
Producers:Paulo Takahashi & Valdenir Rosa
Sound Producer:11:11 Ads+Arts
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