GameFly: Be Amazing

November 30, 2013Filed under Film and Games, Toys

Production Company: Gifted Youth
Director: Tim Ketchersid
DP: Christian Sprenger
Creative Director: Ryan McNeely
Executive Producer: Dal Wolf
Executive Producer: Josh Martin
Producer: Gina Kwon
Visual Effects / Design: Visual Creatures
Artist / Partner: Ryan McNeely
Artist / Partner: John Cranston
Flame Artist: Gizmo Rivera
Compositor: Dustin Bowser
Producer: Anne Cuizon
Editorial & Post: Therapy Studios
Editor: Kristin McCasey
Assistant Editor: Jake Shaver
Sound Designer: Kristin McCasey
Online: Omar Inguanzo
Mix: Lihi Orbach
EP/Partner: Joe DiSanto
Music Company: APM Music

Production Company:Gifted Youth
Director:Tim Ketchersid
Dp:Christian Sprenger
Creative Director:Ryan Mcneely
Executive Producer:Dal Wolf, Josh Martin
Producer:Gina Kwon, Anne Cuizon
Visual Effects:Visual Creatures
Design:Visual Creatures
Artist:Ryan Mcneely, John Cranston
Partner:Ryan Mcneely, John Cranston, Joe Disanto
Flame Artist:Gizmo Rivera
Compositor:Dustin Bowser
Editorial & Post:Therapy Studios
Editor:Kristin McCasey
Assistant Editor:Jake Shaver
Sound Designer:Kristin McCasey
Online:Omar Inguanzo
Mix:Lihi Orbach
Ep:Joe Disanto
Music Company:APM Music
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