PECO: Waster/Saver

October 14, 2013Filed under Outdoor and Public Interest, NGO

From energy waster. To energy saver.
Take control today.

Conservation effort, an outgrowth of a Pennsylvania initiative to bring a 2.9% reduction in power usage statewide by May of 2016, comes on the heels of a previously targeted 3% reduction, a goal that PECO met, ahead of schedule, with a campaign portraying energy-wasting appliances as monsters, and offering rebates for trading those appliances in. The energy savings this time, though, are to come not from better appliances, but from better behaviors, and the monster costumes that previously went on clunky AC units and refrigerators are now worn by PECO customers. The homeowner monster suit is intended to be friendly-looking, with facial characteristics custom designed to mimic the actual actor/model’s.

Advertising Agency:Tierney, Philadelphia, USA
Associate Creative Director:Derek Miller
Art Director:Derek Miller, Tracy Shinko, Matthew Gould-Lucht
Copywriter:Tom McDonough, Tom Frost
Photographer:Chris Crisman
Executive Creative Director:Patrick Hardy
Director:Jon Isen
Executive Producer:Jon Isen, Mark Reidenauer
Director Of Photography:Chong Pak
Assistant Director:Steve Paddocks
Post Production:Shooters Post and Transfer
Producer:Rebecca Lyons
Editor:Rob Graham
Sound Engineer:Bob Schachner
Colorist:Janet Falcon
Puppets:Furry Puppet Studio
Creator:Zack Buchman
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