Google Search India: Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1

September 16, 2013Filed under Film and Electronics, Technology

When fondness grows with age. A grandfather trying to sneak some sweets is caught red handed but is rewarded with some more; the same evening with a little help from Google.

Shopping for an Anarkali suit is just a move away. The reunited grandfathers decide to play match-maker with their grandkids by sending them shopping, but the grand-daughter checkmates them with a little help from Google.

Settle scores, instantly. The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry reaches its peak during a power-cut and the grandfathers settle scores with a little help from the granddaughter and Google.

Food always finds its way across languages. The reunited grandfathers want to make biryani and reach a hurdle when they don't know what an ingredient's local name is, but with a little help from Google Search, they manage.

Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way. The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. A granddaughter in India decides to surprise her grandfather on his birthday by reuniting him with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) after over 6 decades of separation, with a little help from Google Search.

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