Tribo Skate Magazine: Brave Peruke

June 07, 2013Filed under Media and Media, Publications

The use of helmets among skaters is very rare: about 1 in ten lovers of the sport use the safety equipment. That’s because, for them, there’s nothing better than feeling the adrenaline, the freedom and the wind in their hair. With that in mind, Tribo Skate magazine created a fun campaign to get the attention of those who trade safety for style and to encourage the use of helmets, it launched the Brave Peruke. In the action, which was backed by DDB Brasil, the skaters wore special helmets with hair and different hair dos. The action is present in the biggest parks of São Paulo and surrounding cities for the skaters to use. The best pictures will be featured in the magazine. The tagline seals the idea: Real freedom is to ride with safety.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Marco Versolato, Gustavo Victorino e André Faria
Art Director:Mozar Gudin, Pablo Blass
Copywriter:Tomas Correa, Leandro Custo
Account:Tania Pena, Caroline Pintarelli, Paula Calabró
Project Director:"Denis" Gustavo Alves
Photographer:Sergio Prado, Kaue Uema
Art Buyer:Clariana Costa, Daniela Strang
Graphic Production:Clariana Costa, Anelito Nobrega
Production:Trator Filmes
Director:Alex Miranda
Printing:Fusão, Sandice, Mascarenhas & Mello
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