Rhymesayers / The Uncluded: Organs

June 05, 2013Filed under Online and Media, Publications

Production Company: Bent Image Lab, Portland, USA
Director: Rob Shaw
Executive Producer: Ray DiCarlo
Producer: Nate Baston
DP: Bryce Fortner
Animator: Suzanne Twining
Art Director / Lead Puppet Fabricator: Kimi Kaplowitz
Production Coordinator: Robert A. D’Esposito
Gaffer: Jim Birkett
Puppet Fabricators: Marty Easterday, Morgaine Faye
Set Designer: Jesse McManus
Visual effects company: Bent Image Lab
Composite Artists (After Effects): Rob Shaw
Editorial Company: Bent Image Lab
Editor: Michael Ward
Music: “Organs” from the album Hokey Fright by The Uncluded
Released: July 2013

Production Company:Bent Image Lab
Director:Rob Shaw
Executive Producer:Ray Dicarlo
Producer:Nate Baston
Dp:Bryce Fortner
Animator:Suzanne Twining
Art Director:Kimi Kaplowitz
Lead Puppet Fabricator:Kimi Kaplowitz
Production Coordinator:Robert A. D’Esposito
Gaffer:Jim Birkett
Puppet Fabricators:Marty Easterday, Morgaine Faye
Set Designer:Jesse McManus
Visual Effects Company:Bent Image Lab
Composite Artists:Rob Shaw
Editorial Company:Bent Image Lab
Editor:Michael Ward
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