Helsinki Region Transport: Take a spring break from driving

June 18, 2013Filed under Print and Transport, Tourism

Take a spring break from driving. This round's on us: 2 weeks' public transport for 0 €. Order a free travel card delivered home from

How do we get drivers to swap their cars for public transport? HSL, Helsinki Regional Transport, wanted to target drivers for the first time this spring, because traffic congestion is a real problem as Helsinki grows. We interviewed drivers about what annoyed them about public transport – they mainly had driving related complaints. They also admitted to being too lazy to find out where to get a bus pass. The "Take a spring break from driving" campaign highlighted the little annoyances of taking your own car in print, online, outdoor and on the radio. During the campaign, everyone who signed up for the first time got the HSL travel card delivered home and two weeks travel-time for free. HSL is responsible for the public transport – buses, the metro, trams, local trains and the Suomenlinna ferry – in Helsinki and its six surrounding municipalities.

Advertising Agency:358, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director:Ale Lauraéus
Copywriter:Axa Fahler
Art Director:Ale Lauraéus
Graphic Designer:HP Savolainen
Client Team Directors:Kimmo Tupala, Minna Kaitala
Photographer:Lauri Eriksson, Christian Jakowleff, Kuvaamo
Retoucher:Jomppe Vaarakallio
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