RAHA Condoms: Monogamy

May 21, 2013Filed under Outdoor and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Most men in Africa believe that monogamy is some kind of exotic hardwood.
Can you really rely on your partner? Use a condom for maximum protection.

HIV infections are rife throughout Africa, and massive effort is expended by governments and NGO’s across the continent in an effort to educate the public about the dangers of unprotected sex. The advertising in this category is often based on ‘scare tactics’ that dwell on the negative outcomes of HIV infection, e.g. social rejection, loneliness, a family left to fend for itself, etc. With this particular advertisement we have taken a slightly lighter approach based on a single amusing line playing on the words ‘monogamy’ and ‘mahogany’; in Kenya virtually everyone speaks quite good English, so the verbal nuance is well understood. Of course, this is a way of drawing attention to a very serious message: “Use a condom for maximum protection”. To maximize the visual effect we actually produced wooden carvings that will also be utilized as POS items.


Advertising Agency:TBWA East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Executive Creative Director:Jimmy Geeraerts
Art Director:Yash Deb
Copywriter:Mark Kovalevsky
Photographer:Yash Deb
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