The Beers: Partido, Under, Sierra, Chicago

April 08, 2013Filed under Print and Alcoholic Drinks

A beer with the essence of samba. Or did you think the composers’ inspiration came from drinking diet soda?

Rock and beer always walk together. Except when they stumble and fall asleep vomited.

A beer that harmonizes with Cuban music and Cuban cigars, and that just won't harmonize with Cuban political speeches because, after 7 hours, you might as well get into an alcoholic coma.

Blues has already influenced rock, jazz, and ska. And it can now influence you to hop on this table and take off your clothes.

Advertising Agency:Heads Propaganda, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director:Fabio Miraglia
Art Director:Ricardo Madeira Peroza
Copywriter:Bruno Leite, Allan Falcone
Illustrator:Artluz Studio
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