Horseshoe Casinos: Slots

April 11, 2013Filed under Film and Games, Toys

Creative Consultant: GSD&M, Austin, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Creative Directors: Bill Bayne, Bill Marceau
Senior Copywriter: Heather Apple
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Cheyenne Gallion
Horseshoe producer: Shelley Eisner
Line Producer: Scott Kaplan
Production Company: Reset
Director: Andrew Douglas
Editor: Michael Heldman
Account Service: Maureen Barry, Stacey Schwab, Brittany Hammer
Director of Photography: Florence Collins
Experience & Insights: Madhavi Reese
Music: Elias Music

Creative Consultant:Gsd&M, Austin
Executive Creative Director:Jay Russell
Creative Director:Bill Bayne, Bill Marceau
Copywriter:Heather Apple
Associate Creative Director:Cheyenne Gallion
Art Director:Cheyenne Gallion
Horseshoe producer:Shelley Eisner
Line Producer:Scott Kaplan
Production Company:Reset
Director:Andrew Douglas
Editor:Michael Heldman
Account:Maureen Barry, Stacey Schwab, Brittany Hammer
Director Of Photography:Florence Collins
Experience & Insights:Madhavi Reese
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