Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Stand Up to "Stand Your Ground"

March 14, 2013Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

PSA from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence urging Americans to "Stand up to 'Stand Your Ground'" laws in 26 states across the country.

Production Company:Narrow Margin Films
Director:Floyd Russ
Copywriter:Marques Gartrell, Kim Nguyen, Floyd Russ, Kim Nguyen
Executive Producer:Adam Palmer, Lauren Bleiweiss
Associate Producers:Cassie Novick, Mike Lobikis, Keely Davenport, Emily Darby
Account Director:Cassie Novick
Art Director:Marques Gartrell
Director Of Photography:Josh Fisher
Steadicam:Billy Green
Assistant Director:Adam Murphy
Post Production:Final Cut
President:Stephanie Apt
Editor:Sonejuhi Sinha
Assistant Editor:Dan Berk
Senior Producer:Viet-An Nguyen
Finishing Producer:Alek Rost
Online:Cecil Hooker
Vfx:Cecil Hooker
Graphics:Phil Brooks
Sound Design & Mixing:T Terressa Tate
Color:Color Collective @ Final Cut
Colorist:Alex Bickel
Composer:Victor Magro
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