IDI Pharmaceuticals: Cinzia Your Skin Friend

December 08, 2012Filed under Online and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

31% of Italian woman (18-45) intending to buy dermatological products on the Internet instead of asking a pharmacist or looking for a specific research. The Internet is a chaotic universe of information and it’s hard to distinguish between good advice and dangerous remedies. IDI Pharmaceuticals, a niche company but at cutting edge of dermatological research, wants to shoe them that it’s safer to trust to qualified experts.

We created a fake tutorial girl on YouTube and social network who dispenses weird skincare tips a the real thing. His name is Cinzia: your friend skin. With her surreal tutorials, “Cinzia Your Skin Friend”, invaded skincare blogs, generated thousands of spontaneous conversations on dermatological problems and dialogued with her fans through videos and comments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. She also enchanted a number of Italian VIPS and influencers on social networks. She ended up on radio and TV, which broadcast her videos without knowing who she really was.

After the first few episodes, IDI Pharmaceuticals made its appearance. Thanks to counter-videos featuring a real dermatologist, a tab on its Facebook Fan Page and YouTube leaderboards, external annotations and captions, it was possible to visit the Dermaday website and book a free skin check-up.

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Cristiano Tonnarelli
Art Director:Serena Micieli
Copywriter:Giuseppe Pavone, Andrea Torcoli
Group Creative Directors:Paolo De Matteis, Riccardo Robiglio
Digital Creative Director:Paolo Boccardi
Digital Strategist:Andrea Torcoli
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