Grey Group Japan: Going Grey

December 27, 2012Filed under Online and Agency Self-Promo

Grey Group Japan’s office has unfortunately been known for its complex accessibility. So we have made it our mission to help first-time visitors navigate and learn their way towards the Grey office in an entertaining manner – result: Interactive Access Map Movie centered on a love story, called “Going Grey”. A man from New York, unfamiliar with the streets of Japan, embarks on a journey from Ebisu station to meet his girlfriend at Grey office. The user needs to guide him through the streets and alleys, by using the keyboard arrow keys to direct his movements. His girlfriend’s playful hints appear as she talks to him over the phone. If he gets lost along the way, something happens to inform him. Users learn the way like a game. As they play, information around the area also appear on the screen. And hints of the route are also hidden in the linked Facebook and Googlemap. So will he be able to find the way? …

Advertising Agency:Grey, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director:Yasuhito Imai
Art Director:Mitsunori Yamazaki, Shinmei Yamamoto, Taichi Tsunoda
Film Produced:Yasuyuki Kubota
Directed & Edited by:Yasuyuki Kubota
Cinematography:Sebastian Mayer
Web Director:Jun Ino, FORMES Inc.
Technical Director:Ryotaro Nakano, FORMES Inc.
Flash:Yausuyuki Asano, FORMES Inc.
Vfx Producer:Yuta Sato, Amana Group
VFX Offline Director:Kimihiro Yanahara, Amana Group
VFX Editors:Shinya Nakagawa, Satoshi Ono, Hiromitsu Chiba, Junichi Fujita, Teru Nakajima
Dance:Kaoruco & Lou Dancers Dancers
Kimono & Styling:Yu Yamashita
Hair Styling:Yoshihiro Kitano, Naoko Tomita
Styling:Hiroko Tsurumi
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