Absolut Vodka: Bottle Light Poster

December 09, 2012Filed under Outdoor and Alcoholic Drinks

The global ABSOLUT Blank campaign offers artists a blank canvas in the shape of an ABSOLUT bottle to express and show their creativity. Around Christmas and New Year, the vodka brand wanted to implement this campaign with a very special execution. The solution was in the timing. Perfect for the darkest time of year, a light installation was created from 197 4.5 Litre ABSOLUT bottles and installed on a mega poster. The colour and intensity of each light could be controlled via an interface, enabling countless light animations and images to be programmed. Replacing the conventional posters that hung there, this eye-catching light installation captivated and stunned over 250,000 passers-by a day on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, brightening up the longest night of the year.

Advertising Agency:dirk&Philip kommunikation, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director:Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt
Art Director:Philip Borchardt
Copywriter:Dirk Henkelmann
Architects:Alexis Dornier, Ilija Bentscheff
Additional Credits:Cheche
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