Samsung Italia: Zoom-in by Fotosociality

September 14, 2012Filed under Online and Electronics, Technology

Zoom-in by Fotosociality is the first hide and seek you can play on Facebook. The playground is huge: a picture of London shot at the incredible 80 Gigapixels resolution that you can explore 360°. And thanks to the 21x optical zoom of the Galaxy Camera you can seek and tag hiders. And to make it more fun, you will have 8 superpowers to increase your seeking and hiding abilities. Zoom in gets the awesome social power of hide and seek game together with the photographic high technology. Both peculiarities of the new Samsung Galaxy Camera.



Advertising Agency:M&C Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director:Luca Scotto Di Carlo, Vincenzo Gasbarro
Interactive Partner:Silvio Meazza
Deputy Creative Director:Fabio Pedroni
Art Director:Luca Carsenzuola
Copywriter:Marta Marzola
Web Designers:Claudia Brambilla, Luca Carsenzuola
Strategic Planner:Massimo Capucci
Project Leader:Marta Pettenuzzo
Head of Interactive Development:Stefania Sabbatini
Software Developer:Logicweb
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