CAANZ Effie Awards: Results don't lie

August 10, 2012Filed under Film and Other


A polygraph machine measures the subject's physiological responses to any given question to determine whether they are lying. When used by a trained examiner, a polygraph machine is 96% accurate.

Advertising Agency:Whybin\Tbwa, Auckland, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Toby Talbot
Creative Director:Jonathan Mcmahon, Lisa Fedyszyn, Steve Kane
Digital Creative Director:Ross Howard
Creative:Cece Chu, Ryan Price
Group Head:Jodi Willocks
Senior Account Manager:Victoria Meo
Head of Content:Liz Rosby
Tv Producer:Amy Hansen
Production Manager:Michelle Hong
Print Producer:Ali Vernon
Senior Designer:Chris Lewis
Designer:Frank Turner
Digital Creative:David Minty, Digital Arts Network
Digital Producer:Henson Tan, Digital Arts Network
Digital Developer:David Colguhoun, Digital Arts Network
Director:Damien Shatford, The Sweet Shop
Editor:Damien Shatford, The Sweet Shop
Producer:Lynnette Gordon, The Sweet Shop
Executive Producer:Fiona King, The Sweet Shop
Director Of Photography:Nick Burridge, The Sweet Shop
Colourist:Dave McLaren, The Sweet Shop
Postproduction:Andy Timms, Mat Ellin, Mandy
OnLine Edit:Andy Timms, Mat Ellin, Mandy
Audio:Jon and Penny Cooper
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