JWT Atlanta: JWT Manifesto

June 13, 2012Filed under Outdoor and Agency Self-Promo

Conviction: Have a theme song.
Even if it only exists in your head.
Walking into meetings is that much more fun.

Integrity: When all else fails lead.
Take charge. We're counting on you to take us to amazing.

Accountability: Be honest with yourself
It quacks it's a duck. If it's lackluster, it could be better.
Admitting it is the first step to improving it.

Conviction: Stick your neck out
Take a risk and put yourself out there.
You could call this the first official unpopularity contest.

Courage: Make yourself uncomfortable
Complacency = Stunted growth.
Here's a safe rule to live by: never trust auto-pilot.

Courage: Do the unexpected
Sneak up and swat predictability clean across the face.

Innovation: Feed the beast
You're hungry, for fresh, for new. For original. Stuff your face.
Then get seconds.

Courage: Inspire Someone
Everyone deserves to be inspired. every day.
Make it a priority to captivate those around you.

Innovation: Put ideas on a pedestal.
Celebrate, give props, toast, caress, salute, applaud, roll out the red carpet for and make sweet love to the idea.
It deserves our attention. Without ideas, we don't exist.

Conviction: Breed Lightning Bolts
Make magic. Strike early and often.

Innovation: Be an idea stuntman.
Don your glitter suit and go do the impossible. Yes, you can wear your cape to meetings.

Conviction: Find a better way.
We've been to this rodeo before. Show us a new way to ride the bull.

Conviction: Be generous.
Here's something in everyone's job description: help out whenever and wherever it's needed.

Integrity: Don't water down the scotch.
New ideas are an acquired taste. Don't add water to make them suit your personal flavor.
The result is bland, uninspiring work that no one enjoys.


Advertising Agency:JWT, Atlanta, USA
Executive Creative Director:Carl Warner
Associate Creative Director:Rick Hill, Matt Berger
Art Director:Rick Hill
Copywriter:Matt Berger
Illustrator:Rick Hill
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