Effie Awards: Catmur, Stone, Mowday, Buchanan, Cochran, Crawford, McPherson, Gattung, King, Bradbourne, Talbot

June 09, 2012Filed under Print and Other

Paul Catmur's dog is on the jury.
He'd rather lick his balls than look at ads.

Andrew Stone's son is as strong-willed as his dad.
And he's a judge.

Justin Mowday's brother doesn't give a shit about advertising. And he's a judge.

Iaan Buchanan's wife is on the jury.
It takes more than a clever line to win her over.

Steve Cochran's dad is on the jury.

Bryan Crawford's son is on the jury.
He sees through bullshit almost as quick as his dad.

Lachie McPherson's wife is a judge.
And she hasn't quite decided yet.

Theresa Gattung's mum is on the jury.
And she's tougher that she looks too.

Dave King's partner is on the jury and she doesn't like ads.
Not even this one.

If you think Tony Bradbourne is a tough judge, you should meet his dad.

Toby Talbot's daughter is on the jury.
And she's harder to impress than her dad.

Advertising Agency:Draftfcb, Auckland, USA
Executive Creative Director:James Mok
Creative Director:Matt Simpkins, Chris Schofield
Art Director:Kelly Lovelock, Steve Mccabe
Copywriter:Steve Mccabe, Kelly Lovelock
Producer:Kelly Gillard
Account Director:Fleur Head
Planner:Olivia Prentice
Photographer:Tim White
Retoucher:Graeme Cooper
Designer:Will Pickering
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