Bacardi: Scream Halloween

June 01, 2012Filed under Media and Alcoholic Drinks

Bacardi’s brand slogan is to “set the heart free”. We focused on the tendency for drinkers to get louder as they consume alcohol. By raising their voices when they drink, people naturally enjoy releasing tension. So we prepared an uproarious festival, where people could forget themselves by screaming with the loudest voice of their life.

Advertising Agency:Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Director:Kazuhiro Amano
Creative Director:Yusuke Shimazu
Art Director:Naoki Morigami
Communication Planner:Shunsuke Kaga
Director:Hiroshi Kizu
Costume design:Jiro, Yoshio Komatsu
Technical Director:Hidenori Chiba
Programmer:Daito Manabe
Device Architect:Moto Ishibashi
Device Developer:Atsushi Sasaki
Sound Designer:Shinya Kiyokawa
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