INPES: Jenifer live Concert

May 17, 2012Filed under Online and Public Interest, NGO


How to make young people from 12 to18 aware of the risks to their hearing without trying to forbid them, and without attacking their greatest love: i.e. listening to music.

The solution: “Bring the risk to life rather than just talking about it.” What the targets loves the most is entertainment and novelty. For this reason we created an interactive film on Youtube based on innovative technology: 3D holophonic sound which allows the listener notably to perceive sounds as they are in reality, and to know whether they are coming from the left or the right, from in front or behind. It was also necessary to propose a new and captivating story in order to give it all the chances to stand out. This is why we chose a story that is original, intriguing, and funny: the kidnapping of Jenifer, the French star greatly loved by adolescents. In order to reach as many people as possible, DDB had the idea of organizing a real concert by Jenifer in partnership with the sites most popular with our target. This concert is not going to take place as expected, and very quickly it changes into a real videogame during which the viewers have to go looking for the kidnapped singer. More than a simple “Capture” video game, it’s an incredibly original sound experience which for the first time ever uses holophonic technology in an interactive way. And via this interactive adventure in revolutionary 3D sound, INPES is able to reveal its message of prevention: Protecting our hearing means protecting the music that we love.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director:Alexandre Hervé
Digital Creative Director:Benjamin Przespolewski
Copywriter:Constance Godard
Art Director:Raphael Ghisalberti
Account Supervisors:Vincent Leorat, Pierre Beffa, Nolwenn Troadec
Director of partnership:Guillaume Cossou
Advertisers Supervisor:David Heard, Elsa Stoll
Production Company:B-Reel
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