Detergent Uno Antibacterial: Tsunami, Rain

May 17, 2012Filed under Print and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Suddenly, the earth began to move and what was believed to be a simple tremor, had become the most powerful earthquake ever. Everyone was running terrified into the streets and without realizing, they were being crushed under tons of concrete. The buildings began to fall as if it were a house of cards. It was total chaos, the fear and the screams were deafening, and once it was all over a giant wave crashes over the few survivors and destroys everything in seconds. Burying the remaining of life expectance. The bacteria had been annihilated of the face of the shirt. It was the end of the bacteria.

One day the sky darkened and a strange rain began to fall. An acid rain with incandescent stones were destroying houses and buildings as if it were paper. Everyone ran without knowing where to go, pieces of smashed cars were over the streets, there was no place to hide. It was time. The entire civilization was being annihilated. Terror and death, the screams… A few minutes later, it could only hear the silence and desolation of millions who died in seconds. The prophecy was fulfilled. The bacteria had disappeared off the face of the trouser. It was the end of the bacteria.

Advertising Agency:Athos/TBWA, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Dgc:Pablo Leiva
Creative Director:Amples Regiani
Art Director:Amples Regiani
Copywriter:Pablo Leiva
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