CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature): Quill

May 22, 2012Filed under Print and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

The month of june is in Holland the traditional month for promoting thrillers and crime stories. The theme used by CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature) this year is 'Galg & Rad' (which roughly translates in ‘the gallows and breaking wheel”, well-known torture devices from the Middle Ages. The second meaning of these words in the Dutch language is something like 'to come to no good'.

Advertising Agency:Van Wanten Etcetera, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director:Markus Ravenhorst, Maarten Reynen
Art Director:Maarten Reynen
Copywriter:Markus Ravenhorst
Illustrator:Maarten Reynen
Additional Credits:Irene Harte, Luanne Quax, Eppo Van Nispen Tot Sevenaer, Mascha Ravelli
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