Romrawin Clinic: Beauty is Confidence

April 07, 2012Filed under Outdoor and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Brief: Romrawin, the Skin Body Rejuvenation Clinic has two flagship branches in the business district located on 2nd and 4th floor of Central Chidlom department store. In this department store, there are plenty of beauty clinics and the market is highly competitive. While other brands spread their advertisement around the store, Romrawin has only one elevator ad on the 1st floor to communicate with the targets. So the challenge is how to make this elevator ad stand out and attract a large amount of people that walk by not to walk pass but to go to the clinic.

Solution: In the sea of beauty clinic ads that endorse their brands by using presenter, our agency decided to build the brand strength based on our new slogan “Beauty is confidence”. In order to make use of the elevator, we created an illusion design to grab people attention. People will see as if there’s a woman inside the elevator, hide her face behind a magazine and look through the hole with lack of confidence as shown in her eyes.

Result: Despite the limitation of media, our only one elevator ad became an effective media that can attract people who have seen or passed by.

• Boost the numbers of people walk-in 300%.
• Number of people that can remember the clinic location increased rapidly.
• Just 2 weeks after this ad has been published, other beauty clinics reacted by launching their ad sooner and spending more on media such as ambient ad in the parking garage
and in the passageway as well as escalator ad.

Advertising Agency:King Kong, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Director:Eaknarong Vijittissadee
Art Director:Eaknarong Vijittissadee, Athipon Vijittissadee, Lalita Boratisa
Copywriter:Eaknarong Vijittissadee, Jittipa Thanasiripong, Sirisa Surakarnwit
Account Executive:Chokchai Yodkuea
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