Helsingin Sanomat: NytCam

April 17, 2012Filed under Media, Online and Media, Publications

NytCam is a permanent online element of nyt.fi, the website of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper's weekly Nyt supplement ­ Nyt means "now" and Helsingin Sanomat is the largest circulation daily in the Nordic countries. In November 2012 Nyt was completely redesigned, and the NytCam was added as a permanent feature of the nyt.fi website.

The service broadcasts live HD webcam footage from around the city in the here and now. NytCam can be, for instance, in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant or at the surprise gig of a great band. The cameras stay in one place for varying lengths of time from a week or so to a longer while to just a few hours during a special event. People can suggest places they want the camera to go to. Where would you want the camera to peek? Have your say at nyt.fi/cam

Advertising Agency:358, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director:Ale Lauraéus
Strategist:Panu Nordlund
Copywriter:Valtteri Väkevä, Verneri Leimu
Designer:Iiris Ojanen
Client Team Director:Sonja Eiramo
Producer:Krista Durchman
PR Creative:Anna Lundqvist
Technical Production:Byroo, Good Mood
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