Brooks Brothers: Holiday Miracle

April 23, 2012Filed under Film and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

EVP Direct: Ken Seiff
Senior Art Director / Interactive Series: Camila Hori
VP of Global PR: Arthur Wayne
Manager of Web Content: Jason Nickel
Production Company: Moxie Pictures, Bicoastal
Director: Lena Beug
Executive Producers: Dan Levinson, Karol Zeno
Post Production: Brewster Parsons
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Flame Lead: Andrew Eksner
CG: Kevin Jackson, Tikibot
Executive Producer: Darcy Parsons
Music: Search Party Music
Composer: Eric Stamile
Producer: Meghan Currier

EVP Direct:Ken Seiff
Art Director:Camila Hori
Interactive Series:Camila Hori
VP of Global PR:Arthur Wayne
Manager of Web Content:Jason Nickel
Production Company:Moxie Pictures, Bicoastal
Director:Lena Beug
Executive Producers:Dan Levinson, Karol Zeno
Post Production:Brewster Parsons
Editor:Brett Nicoletti
Flame Lead:Andrew Eksner
Cg:Kevin Jackson, Tikibot
Executive Producer:Darcy Parsons
Composer:Eric Stamile
Producer:Meghan Currier
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