Sharpie: The Wedding

March 04, 2012Filed under Film and Office Equipment

Never a Dull Moment

Sharpie permanent markers are one of the most iconic office supplies ever made. You would think that a brand so well recognized would not be in the need for any additional advertising. However, as we progress further into a paperless world, Sharpies and other writing utensils are no longer a necessity. We've decided to use comedy to connect with college students and young professionals and keep the Sharpie name relevant.

Advertising School:Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director:Steve Williams
Art Director:Edmund Boey, Whitney Peterson
Copywriter:Zack Browne
Photographer:Jessida Putkaew
Director:Zack Browne, Tamara Turner
Director Of Photography:Jessida Putkaew
Pa:Norman Wohiren
Editor:Imani Grady
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