United Way of Puerto Rico: I Love You, I Hit You

February 19, 2012Filed under Outdoor and Public Interest, NGO

To promote the launch of our website Entreparedes.org, we created awareness using a global form of art commonly used to express love: graffitis. Giant stickers using the phrases “Ana te amo / Ana I love You” and “María te amo / Maria I love You” were strategically placed as interventions in places of high pedestrian traffic. Approaching the graffiti uncovered the reality behind the expressions of affection: the letters were composed of an endlessly repeated phrase: “I hit you”. The other one hid the message “I insult you” in its letters. Below the messages, onlookers could make sense of the disturbing graffiti, from a small sign that read: “Abuse is hidden”.

Advertising Agency:Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Executive Creative Director:Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Associate Creative Director:Mariano German-Coley
Copywriter:Pedro José Pérez, Jonathan Diaz
Art Director:Fernando Suárez, Cristina Burckhart, Omar Santiago
Typographer:Omar Santiago, Fernando Suárez
Account Director:Jessica Rivera, Julio Semidey
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