Persil Starch: Crispy Clothes

February 27, 2012Filed under Print and House, Garden, Pets

Keeps your clothes crisp.

Persil Starch keeps clothes crisp and wrinkle free. And as a product it is unique to the region, especially the GCC. Out here men, women and even children pride themselves on wearing clothes (kanduras, abayas and even school uniforms) that are smooth and crisp. It reflects stature, class, upbringing and meticulous attention to grooming. So in this print campaign for Persil Starch we have dramatized the crispness of the clothes by transforming the people into one-dimensional characters in a three-dimensional world.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Group Creative Director:Shehzad Yunus
Creative Director:Firas Medrows, Zahir Mirza
Art Director:Firas Medrows, Zahir Mirza
Copywriter:Firas Medrows, Zahir Mirza
Account Director:Heba Elzoaiby
3d Illustator:Tarek Samaan
Retoucher:Sanu Raju
Photographer:Daryl Patni
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