Livrarias Curitiba: Games, Crisis, Apocalypse

February 02, 2012Filed under Print and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

Games 2012. I am athlete. I am amateur. I am professional. Books for all points of view.

Euro crisis. I am an optimist. I am a pessimist. I am an opportunist. Books for all points of view.

Apocalypse 2012. I believe it! I doubt it! I don’t care! Books for all points of view.

Livrarias Curitiba is the largest bookstore network in the south of Brazil and the one which offers the richest variety of books, a meaningful differential towards the competitors. As new competitors arrived in the regional market, the client has requested a communication campaign at the point-of-sales which would highlight this differential. Our challenge was about showing the differential through a fast and smart communication and again, positioning Livrarias Curitiba as the store network which offers the largest assortment of books. We have sought inspiration in the most important happenings of the year in order to build high impact images. So, the Mayan calendar, the London Olympics and the European crisis were transformed into parallel worlds, inhabited by people with different points of view about the subjects. For each point of view, we suggested a different book. Graphically speaking, the common element is the circumference, which is represented by the Mayan calendar, an Euro coin and an Olympic medal.

Advertising Agency:Brain Box Design, Brazil
Creative Director:Marcos Minini, Renato Cavalher
Art Director:Marcos Minini
Copywriter:Marcos Minini, Renato Cavalher
Illustrator:Murilo Viviurka Marcondes
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