ASICS: Foot Vs, Vertigo Test, Sink Or Sprint Test, Pasta Test, Levitation Test, Jackhammer Test, Inverted Tennis Test, Feet For Hands Demo, Catapult Demo, Breathability Demo

February 10, 2012Filed under Film and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

To demonstrate the technical aspects of ASICS shoes, we created, a parallax scrolling site that houses 10 short, fun films, each about a different technical aspect of various ASICS shoes. Click to the right for a more technical look at what's being demonstrated.

Advertising Agency:Vitro, San Diego, USA
Creative Chairman:John Vitro
Chief Creative Officers:Jonas Hallberg, Liron Reznik
Creative Director:Kt Thayer
Copywriter:Schuyler Vanden Bergh, Simone Nobili
Art Director:Cris Westrell, Kevin Lukens, Kevin Cimo, Dominic Al-Samarraie
Executive Digital Producer:Lina Drott
Digital Producer:Christoffer Lorang Dahl
Digital Production:Kokokaka
Video Production:13 Keys
Video Editing:Dave Friz, 13 Keys
Sound Design:13 Keys
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