UOL Viagem: Turtle pen drive

January 27, 2012Filed under Film and Transport, Tourism

The film shows the tedious life of a man at his office, who does everything in an automatic, organized and dull way. Among other objects, he has a turtle flash drive. He loses the flash drive, which is found by a girl in the office. Who then loses the flash drive on a train. It is then found by a boy scout. Who also loses it and the flash drive ends up in the hands of a taxidermist and then falls in love with a stuffed turtle. By being lost and found successively, the flash drive ends up travelling around the world, witnessing and living intensely different situations. It gets to know Russian mobsters, generals, hot women. It participates in street dances in Japan, poker games, parties, robberies. At the end of film we show the original owner of the flash drive realizing its absence, in another of his tedious days. That's when the film comes to an end, suggesting that when the life of a turtle flash drive becomes more exciting than yours, it' time to access UOL Travel.

Advertising Agency:Borghi/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director:Jose Henrique Borghi, Erh Ray, Fernando Nobre
Creative Director:Fernando Nobre
Art Director:Luiz Medeiros
Copywriter:Myla Verzola
Production Company:Hungry Man
Director:Carlão Busato
Producer:Equipe Hungry Man
Cinematographer:Flávia Rebello
O.P.:Russo Loyola
Editor:Alberto Cardoso
Editing Company:Equipe Hungry Man Brasil
Sound Design:Yb, Anvil Fx
Arrangement:Yb, Anvil Fx
Post Production:Equipe Hungry Man
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