NRMA Insurance: Motion Activation Interactive Outdoor Installation

January 23, 2012Filed under Outdoor and Banking, Financial Services

NRMA Insurance launched an interactive motion activated outdoor installation in Sydney, Australia, as part of its Motor extras campaign. The campaign highlights how many car parts other insurers consider "extras" and don't automatically cover. And there are so many parts, they created a car using them. While creating the real car, NRMA also developed an identical 3D model of it for the installation, which included all the extras from the real car, including metallic paint, air conditioning, alloy wheels, reversing sensors and even the same 5 car models. The installation uses a Panasonic time of flight (similar to Microsoft Kinect) sensor, enabling people to interact with the car in a digital outdoor setting and discover for themselves the parts of cars that are not automatically covered by other insurers. The sensor uses infrared technology to detect a user standing in front of the installation. By moving their body and hands, they can activate the screen, move the car, watch a video and discover car parts that may not be included as standard with other insurers. Unlike previous sensor technology, this can all be done in an outdoor environment and under direct sunlight – a world first.

Walkthrough video:

Advertising Agency:Whybin\Tbwa, Sydney, Australia
Walkthrough video:Youtube, HgN1bwuUSIo
Media Owner:JC Decaux
Technology provider:Panasonic, Control Logic
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