ClearBlue: Radio Case

January 05, 2012Filed under Radio and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Lápiz created an interactive radio spot for P&G’s Clearblue pregnancy test product, which allows women - those who are eager to become pregnant and those who are not yet prepared to be mothers - the chance to hear their own point of view about pregnancy. It's not easy to sell a product with such a dual nature; because women have mixed emotions about pregnancy. While some women are looking to become mothers, others aren’t yet prepared. With that in mind, Lápiz designed a radio spot that relates to both types of feelings, simultaneously. On the radio you hear two stories: through the right speaker you hear a woman who wants to get pregnant and through the left speaker you hear one who doesn’t. Based on your current mindset - yearning for pregnancy/not ready - you turn the speaker in your car to only play audio out of the right or left speaker, hearing the message that's relevant to you. The intuitive campaign allows women to choose their own story, while communicating the benefits of using Clearblue.

Advertising Agency:Lapiz/Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Laurence Klinger
Creative Director:Maria Bernal, Pablo Ferrari
Art Director:Jorge Pomareda, Gaston Soto
Copywriter:Carlos Bretel, Omar Sotomayor
Account Director:Elizabeth Papasakelariou
Account Executive:Lucille Gratacos
Planner:Ana Maria Matta
Sound Studio:Earhole Studios
Sound Engineer:Beto Santoyo
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