Budweiser: Goal in the dark

January 15, 2012Filed under Media and Alcoholic Drinks

Men have 2 big passions: football/soccer & nightlife. They dont seem to get along sometimes. For that reason, we decided to join them and play a football/soccer match on a dance floor.

Idea: We produced the first football/soccer match placed on the dance floor. And to make that possible, we created special suits that glow in the dark. Besides the football field, the (net) goal, the ball and the two referee cards also glow. A DJ was setting the music, the mood, while people enjoyed the party, drinking cool Budweiser. Finally, football came into nightlife.

Advertising Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director:Silvio Panizza
Creative Director:Alejandro Garone, Rodrigo Isaia
Copywriter:Felipe Autran
Art Director:Tiago Salgueiro
General Manager:Marco Chiossone
Managing Director:Karina Aiello
Account Director:Georgina Roccatagliata
Account Executive:Jazmín Salas, Mijal Sus
Production Director:Valeria Pinto
BTL Producción Director:José Cardelli
Btl Producer:Martín Cecchi, Pedro Dufou
Production House:Muu Cine
Table Developers:FX Studios
Director:Alejandro Rey
Executive Producer:Guido Rotemberg
General Production:María Rosa Godoy, Juan Maidana
Director Of Photography:Federico Cantini
Edition:Lucas Bottaro
Post Production:Jaqueline Eckerdt, Mechi Serrano
Music Designer:Rifle
Responsible For The Client:Pablo Beltrán, Marcos Ottone
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