Alibi: Stabbed, Fridge, Abattoir, Looking, Kids

January 08, 2012Filed under Print and Alcoholic Drinks

I'm a sensitive guy, in all the places I've been stabbed.
Seriously hard liquor.

I used to be married once, now he's in the fridge.
Seriously hard liquor.

Mary had a little lamb. Then I took it to the abattoir.
Seriously hard liquor.

If looks could kill you should stop looking at me.
Seriously hard liquor.

Married with 22 kids
Seriously hard liquor.

Advertising Agency:Jay Grey, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director:Jay Furby
Art Director:Jay Furby, Dave Heytman, Tommy Cehak
Copywriter:Jay Furby, Gavin Chimes
Photographer:Sean Izzard, The Pool
Retoucher:Steve York, Cream
Typographers:Dave Heytman, Tommy Cehak
Account Manager:Will Frew
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