Sony: Move

December 07, 2011Filed under Film and Electronics, Technology

To get the gaming world psyched for the release of its new motion-sensing controller PlayStation Move, electronics giant Sony teamed up with San Francisco-based creative studio TEAK to concept, produce and handle post-production on "Move", a three-minute film that premiered at the annual E3 video game conference this past June. The short combines original 3D modeling, live action and videogame footage to show how gamers of all ages can use the motion joystick to experience the console's immersive onscreen worlds. TEAK Creative Director/Director Greg Rowan came up with the original idea for "Move" and with the support of motion designers Frank Glinski and Josh Miller, crafted the concept from inception to completion.

Prod Company:TEAK
Director:Greg Rowan
Ep:Greg Martinez, Jan Frei
Producer:Emily van Nierop, Emily van Nierop
Concept Design:Joshua Miller, Frank Glinski
3d Animator:Joshua Miller
Motion Graphics:Frank Glinski, Ken Ackerman, Brian Rulapaugh
Post Supervisor:Mark Everson
Smoke Artist:Mark Everson
Editor:Danny Figueroa
Mixer:DJ Craze
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