Classic Gaming Wiz

December 03, 2011Filed under Film and Games, Toys

Videogames may be growing more sophisticated every day, but those technological advances haven't diminished the appeal of the medium's classics, as a quirky new viral music video from DUCK's Paul Cummings demonstrates. Working with two online hubs of the videogame world - and - Cummings created a goofy rap video starring classic videogame connoisseur Keith Apicary, a character played by Nathan Barnatt who has built a large following on YouTube and Facebook.

Classic Gaming Wiz stars Apicary, a balding dufus with ill-fitting clothes, tromping across a suburban landscape, plucking outdated videogame systems, like Nintendo's Game Boy, from garbage piles and garage sales, and affixing them to his body until they cover him like a suit of armor. The dorky hero's eyes rarely stray from whichever classic game system he keeps perpetually hoisted before him. Scenes of Apicary and a rhyming sidekick busting lyrics in a darkened arcade intersperse the roving adventure.

The music is the product of Nathan Barnatt, Mike Gintz and Simon Norberg. Cummings and Barnatt have forged an enduring relationship, shooting two music videos, a web series, and many live performances, among other projects. "Nathan is a strong actor, a terrific creative personality, and an incredibly hard worker who has filled an important niche in the videogame universe," noted Cummings. "Millions of people grew up with these games and so they evoke the glories of youth, a sentiment that Nathan appreciates and gives perpetual life to through his ubiquitous work."

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