BAFCO: Desk, Cabinet, Chair

December 13, 2011Filed under Print and House, Garden, Pets

Don’t put up with difficult desks any longer.
Is your old desk awkward to deal with? Insist on an intelligent workspace that doesn’t give you a hard time at work. A good desk provides the perfect posture when operating a keyboard for long hours. Ergonomics is half the battle and an office layout must be planned properly for all staff to benefit, especially the boss.
Fight for better working conditions.

Join the struggle against annoying filing cabinets.
Is your filing cabinet a nightmare to work with? Demand useful storage units that will help you find what you’re looking for and won’t waste your time. Anyone operating in a well-planned office environment from the chairman to the cleaner will enjoy better productivity and greater prosperity.
Fight for better working conditions.

Stand up against awkward office chairs.
Is your chair a constant pain in the backside? Save your butt and lower back by insisting on proper lumber support. An ergonomically designed chair can prevent injuries and help reduce back-related problems in the future. Every person with a backbone can benefit from better ergonomics to help bring comfort, peace and harmony back into the workplace.
Fight for better working conditions.

Advertising Agency:Sandpaper Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Creative Director:Peter Caush
Art Director:Peter Caush
Copywriter:Tim Derry
Photographer:Suresh Subramanian
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