Philips: Nigel and Victoria

November 26, 2011Filed under Film and Electronics, Technology

Production company:, Amsterdam, Holland
Creative Director: Maurice Wenneker
Script/Directors: James Rawlings, Ben Bond / Hootcomedy
Director of Photography: Reinout Steenhuizen
Executive producer: Robert Verberne
Created by and Hootcomedy
Published: September 2010

The series follows the off screen romance between the sexy, gadget-crazy Victoria, who reviews Philips products; and Nigel, the loveable and very British, marketing manager from Philips who just can’t stop interfering. The show’s a classic case of Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy. Boy loves Girl. Girl doesn’t love Boy. Boy embarks on endless ways to impress Girl – it’s a love story told in three and a half minute episodes. Fans will also be able to follow the characters via Twitter and Facebook.

Production Company:Wenneker.Tv, Holland
Creative Director:Maurice Wenneker
Script:James Rawlings, Ben Bond, Hootcomedy
Director:James Rawlings, Ben Bond, Hootcomedy
Director Of Photography:Reinout Steenhuizen
Executive Producer:Robert Verberne
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