Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights: What Fear Fears Most

October 02, 2011Filed under Media, Film and Media, Publications

Creative Consultant: David&Goliath, USA
Chairman / Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director / Copywriter: Ben Purcell
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Steve Yee
Copywriter: Dan Kelly
Art Director: Jamie Kiersted
Production Co.: Radical Media & Spinach
Productions Director: Derin Seale
DoP: Peter A Holland
Radical Media Executive Producer: Frank Scherma
Radical Media Producer: Scott Cunningham
Spinach Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Spinach Editorial Editor: Adam Bright
Spinach Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design
Executive Producer: Scott Ganary
Studio Manager: Adrienne Alexander
SFX Engineer: Eddie Kim
SFX Engineer: Andrew Tracy
Telecine/Color: New Hat
Artist: Beau Leon

Creative Consultant:David&Goliath
Chairman:David Angelo
Chief Creative Officer:David Angelo
Executive Creative Director:Colin Jeffery
Creative Director:Ben Purcell
Copywriter:Ben Purcell, Dan Kelly
Associate Creative Director:Steve Yee
Art Director:Steve Yee, Jamie Kiersted
Productions Director:Derin Seale
Director Of Photography:Peter A Holland
Radical Media Executive Producer:Frank Scherma
Radical Media Producer:Scott Cunningham
Spinach Producer:Jonathan Carpio, Jonathan Carpio
Spinach Editorial Editor:Adam Bright
Sound Design:740 Sound Design
Executive Producer:Scott Ganary
Studio Manager:Adrienne Alexander
SFX Engineer:Eddie Kim, Andrew Tracy
Telecine:New Hat
Color:New Hat
Artist:Beau Leon
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