Terminix: Roach Chip

October 12, 2011Filed under Print and House, Garden, Pets

Get to them before they get to you

Cockroaches carry over 33 infectious diseases and can enter your home through a space as small as 1/16th of an inch.  This insert, placed in good housekeeping magazine, forces homeowners to interact with the truth.  It's easy for roaches to spread disease anywhere in your home. Turning the page reveals that terminix is the best way to remove pests and the diseases they carry. Homeowners are motivated to take action before they have a problem with the line, "get to them before they get to you."

Advertising Agency:Publicis Dallas, Dallas TX USA
Executive Creative Director:Shon Rathbone
General Creative Director:Julia Melle
Art Director:Dustin Taylor
Copywriter:Andrew Beckman
Photographer:David Chasey
Print Producer:Katy Theiss
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