Mariah Carey's Fragrance: Lollipop Bling

October 28, 2011Filed under Online and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical


ClickFire Media has partnered with Elizabeth Arden to launch an interactive website featuring augmented reality (AR) for the introduction of Mariah Carey's Lollipop Bling candy-inspired fragrance collection. The heart of the website, which includes Away3D Flash components, is a rotating 3D bank of stylized, candy-themed skyscrapers which were inspired by the singer's New York City hometown skyline, and evocative of a set design for one of Mariah's iconic videos. The unique collection of buildings features a constantly updated video billboard and acts as a clickable menu leading to more information on the three fragrances, a news ticker, a "what's new" blog, interactive games and links to request updated information.

Interactive Design Studio:ClickFire Media
Creative Director:Nick Agderian
Design:Claudeland Louis
3d Modeling:David Johnson, Jane Kim, Damion Murray
Technical Lead:Jason Tordsen
Development:Jason Tordsen
Flash Developer:Damion Murray, Matt DeSimone
Server Side Developer:Matt Wilber
Augmented Reality:Total Immersion
Producer:Ephraim Kehlmann, Matt DeSimone
Account Director:Lara DeSignor
Digital Strategist:Ann Quinn
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