Guang Yin Yoga Club: Idea inside the box

October 06, 2011Filed under Media and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Background: Guangyin Yoga is a small yoga club in Shanghai. For 4 years, the club hasn't been running well with only few club members.

Challenge: How to raise Guangyin Yoga’s brand awareness overnight and enroll 300 new members with a small budget?

Solution: In the Shanghai CBD we placed a small-sized wooden box in the street. We asked our yoga master get inside the box. Every time someone passed by, a hand would reach out with our club business card. Surprise!

Result: Our campaign lasted 15 days, with over 35,000 target directly communicated, 319163 video clicks on the web, and more than $138,000 of free media report. After the campaign, over 2000 people visited our club within a month, and 622 of them became new members,107% more than expected. And our actual cost: US $74

Creative Director:Jacky Xiao
Art Director:Jacky Xiao, Bobo Chen, Guitar Zhou
Copywriter:Louis Lu
Photographer:Walker Jiang
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