Soöruz Surfwear: Vincent Sudrat, Florian Daubos, Jules Denel & Bruno Andre, Marc Shuster, Glenn Hall

September 22, 2011Filed under Print and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

#17 Team Wakeboard Soöruz
Usually Vincent Sudrat wears Soöruz.
No guts. No glory.

Soöruz, a brand of alternative surfwear, retakes the floor with a new campaign. In line with the brand positioning symbolized by its tagline ‘No Guts No Glory’, Soöruz includes its riders this time round. The Soöruz team riders: Marc Shuster (Wakeboarding), Glenn Hall (Surf) and Flo Daubos (Kitesurfing) embody the brand’s ‘No Guts No Glory’ spirit through the campaign. With this campaign Soöruz breaks all the usual codes of the market, the convention whereby brands support their products by always showing their riders in action.

#04 Team Kitesurf Soöruz
Usually Florian Daubos wears Soöruz.
No guts. No glory.

#06 Team Windsurf Soöruz
Usually Jules Denel & Bruno Andre wears Soöruz.
No guts. No glory.

#09 Team Wakeboard Soöruz
Usually Marc Shuster wears Soöruz.
No guts. No glory.

#12 Team Surf Soöruz
Usually Glenn Hall wears Soöruz.
No guts. No glory.

Advertising Agency:Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director:Frédéric Royer
Art Director:Charles Guillemant, Faustin Claverie, Thomas Chatenay
Photographer:Felix Lharer
Retoucher:Adrien Bénard
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