The Royal Parks Foundation: Embrace your inner squirrel

August 24, 2011Filed under Print and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

Is your life more interesting than a squirrel's?

The average Londoner leads a tough life. Long hours, packed commutes and the hustle and bustle of big city living can make it hard to keep things in balance. The Royal Parks play a vital role in restoring the equilibrium, providing fresh air, open green space, and culture to the millions of people who live and work in London. And all for free. We want to reach Londoners at whats probably the pinnacle of their stressful London lives, their commute to work. The goal is to remind them of the resource on their doorstep, encourage them to visit and to gently remind them of the role the Royal Parks Foundation plays in making the parks special.

Advertising Agency:MyAgency, London, United Kingdom
Art Director:James Crosby, William Cottam
Copywriter:Jason Scott
Media:48 sheet poster at London Underground
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