White House Office Of National Drug Control Policy Teen Anti-Drug Campaign: Above The Influence

July 26, 2011Filed under PR and Public Interest, NGO
Account Director:Maria Gallagher, Danny Maiello, Suzanne Santiago
Partner:Maria Gallagher, Danny Maiello, Marc Dionne
Deputy Director:Joy Lammie
Account Executive:Joy Lammie, Will Bates
Partnership Outreach:Liz Muro
Account Supervisor:Liz Muro, Crystal Prince
Media Outreach:Crystal Prince
Strategy:Bill Pendergast
Senior Partner And General Manager:Bill Pendergast
Creative Director:Michael Adolph, Steven Kostant
Senior Vice President:Michael Adolph, Steven Kostant, Suzanne Santiago
Web Creative:Marc Dionne
Web Design & Development:Andrew Mcclellan
Vice President:Andrew Mcclellan
Print Design:Will Bates
Video Creative:Deborah Freeland
Producer:Deborah Freeland
Youth Engagement Strategy:Robert Mckinnon
President:Robert Mckinnon, Kristen Holtz
Evaluation Expert:Kristen Holtz
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