Terre Des Femmes: Virtual Victim App

July 22, 2011Filed under Online and Public Interest, NGO

Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/VirtualVictim

“Virtual Victim” is a unique Facebook Application developed to support „Terre Des Femmes“, a Women’s Rights Organization based in Berlin, Germany, in their fight against domestic violence. Female Facebook users can record a portrait picture via webcam and add bruises and scars to their picture. The Virtual Victim App adds a very intriguing message to the picture and creates a new post in the user’s news feed on Facebook: „One out of four women becomes a victim of domestic violence. Would you do something if it was me?“ The stark effect of this message and scarred portrait encourages Facebook friends to pause for reflection. Who wouldn’t be deeply affected, if a friend or acquaintance was the victim of domestic violence?

Advertising Agency:Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, Germany
Chief Creative Officer:Christian Daul
Creative Director:Katja Rickert, Christoph Tratberger
Copywriter:Christoph Tratberger
Account:Patrick Peter
Art Director:Barbara Seng, Ben Reubold
Designer:Barbara Seng, Ben Reubold
Programmer:Mario Dold, Benjamin Knichel
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