Lacta Chocolate: Facebook app case study

June 28, 2011Filed under Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear


Lacta is the leading chocolate brand in Greece. Its advertising has always been about people in "love", comparing the feeling to Lacta's sweet taste. Its slogan translates to "Lacta - The sweetest part of your life". In order to promote Lacta's Facebook page, OgilvyOne Athens developed an application that let people change Lacta's brand on the pack into the name of their lover. They could then post the custom image on their lover's Facebook wall, declaring to everyone that he or she is the sweetest part of their life. The application quickly became a viral hit in Greece, with 135.000 people sharing more than 300.000 virtual Lacta chocolates and many users substituting their profile image with their dedicated Lacta. This helped grow Lacta's Facebook page into the biggest for any brand in Greece, numbering today 265.000 fans.

Advertising Agency:OgilvyOne Athens, Greece
Executive Creative Director:Panos Sambrakos
Creative Director:Konstantina Chatzaki
Copywriter:Franceska Galafti
Art Director:Konstantinos Penlidis
Web Designer:Dimitris Chatzieleftheriou
Head Of It:Manolis Mavrikakis
Web Programmer:Angelos Veglektsis
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