Gol Airlines: Mobile Checkin

May 24, 2011Filed under Online and Transport, Tourism

Brief: Gol Airlines needed to communicate a new service. Now passengers can make
earlier check-in via iPhone or cellphone.

Solution: An ad that gives you a flying experience on the web. You had to type in your
cellphone number on the banner. Then you received a call and a voice gave
you the flight instructions. To control Gol's airplane, you use the numbers
on your cellphone that worked as a remote control. You could fly over the
company destinations making maneuvers like dives and loops while you checked
tickets special rates.

Results: The ad remained on air for 5 days and had an average of 2500 calls per day.

Advertising Agency:AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Sergio Mugnaini, Luiz Sanches
Art Director:Guiga Giacomo
Copywriter:Luciana Haguiara
Technology:Yves Apsy, Daniel Carvalho
Mobile Tecnology:Pontomobi
Director of Tecnology:João Lopes
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